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Guy has been hitting the fashion capitals of NZ lately to energise local stylists with fresh hairdressing trends.  He’s the NZ Ambassador for the ‘Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Collection’ – which translates international catwalk fashion into wearable formats.  He’s just back from Dunedin and Hamilton, where he’s been interpreting the ‘Edge’ trend – a radical punky aesthetic using extreme brazen colours.  He’s upping the anti for those trailblazers out there!!  We love these new looks, come in and see a Vada stylist today and get yours!

Next up is Essential Looks Auckland, coming soon on Monday Oct 03rd.  

AND… did you know that Vada director Guy Roberts is also Geezer Guy on George FM!  Check out his radio show Sun night 8 – 10PM and come into salon for a dubstep haircut!


Vada Hair Meets Moochi

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Produced by ClairObscur
Images by Richard Harling, Jennifer Raoult
Edited by Jennifer Raoult, Faye McNeil
Makeup by Kimberly at MAC
Styling by Moochi
Shot at Eden Gardens, July 2011
Song ‘Fireweed’ by Patrick Watson

Hair by Stella and Lucy at VADA!

The Mt Eden gardens made an awesome setting for the Moochi shoot – with walkways to secret spots and a waterfall.  The first look was nice and sleek with the waterfall as a backdrop and for the next shot we did a messy bun – the model was on a concrete tiled armchair with the sun just peeking through, gorgeous! Next was a cool hair up, slicked back through the sides with a fishbone braided quiff through the top – the textures were beautiful.  We’d done a massive colour job in the salon before the shoot, turningIndia’s hair from dark to light and it looked fantastic on the day!

We could only plug irons in at the top of the hill, but needed them for the shot at the bottom of the gully – the models couldn’t walk up in their high heels – so once the irons were hot we had to sprint down the hill with them – hilarious!


Because we were shooting on video we had to make the hair moveable and look good from all angles – hiding all the fluffy bits was extra important, thanks Session spray from Schwarzkopf!!  Late in the afternoon, Stella finished with some soft curls and a beautiful headscarf wrapped around a ponytail. 

 It had been an cold, early start for Stella and I, but Moochi took great care of us  – They decked us out in Moochi coats, scarves and hats to stay warm and there was food galore!  The sun was going down as we finished the last look and a fantastic day’s shoot. 


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