Guy Roberts – Men’s Collection 2014

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Guy Roberts  – L’Oreal Colour Trophy Entries.

Matt Purcell – Guy Roberts Finalist Entry at L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy –

A big thank you to the team at Vada

Special thanks to our talented crew and extended Vada family:

Photographer: Stephen Tilley
Make Up: Abbie Gardiner Freelance Makeup Artist
Stylist: Kiri Donaldson
Model Agency: Clyne Models

Clothes: Jimmy D Shirt, Lela Jacobs Pants and Nick Von K Ring

Matt Purcell from Clyne Models

Matt Purcell from Clyne Models

Matt Purcell from Clyne Models

Matt Purcell from Clyne Models

Alex Vaz – Guy Roberts – Highly Commended at L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy
Special thanks to our talented crew and extended Vada family:
Photographer: Stephen Tilley
Stylist: Kiri Donaldson
Make Up: Abbie Gardiner Freelance Makeup Artist
Model: 62 Models

Alex Vaz from 62 Models

Alex Vaz from 62 Models

Alex Vaz from 62 Models

Alex Vaz from 62 Models


Cath Roberts – Team Collection

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Kizzie – Team Colour Trophy Cath Roberts, Leonie and Stella) – Highly Commended at L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy
special thanks to:
Photographer: Stephen Tilley
Stylist: Kiri Donaldson
Make Up: Abbie Gardiner Freelance Makeup Artist
Model: 62 Models

Kizzie from 62 Models

Kizzie from 62 Models

Kizzie from 62 Models

Kizzie from 62 Models

Tashi – 62 Models

Tashi from 62 Models

Tashi from 62 Models

Tashi from 62 Models

Tashi from 62 Models





Go Well Be Well… New Add-On Menu Services

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Enjoy the holistic properties of a soothing scalp massage using our NaturalTech Phytoceuticals, Multi-Actives and Oils.

As part of our new add-on’s menu, we invite you to book a Treat-it Pronto $25.00 add-on service complimentary until the end of February with a take home sample pack to keep you zen until next time.

$25 TREAT IT PRONTO (add on to service)

$45 TREAT IT ZEN (with head massage/climazone and herbal tea) incl. blow wave for $70

$45 TREAT IT REVIVE ME  (knot happening, smooth operator, six million dollar hair) incl. blow wave for $70

$75 TREAT IT BOMBSHELL (fluffy tarnished blondes be gone. Strengthening, moisturising treatment just for blondes complete with pearl toner mousse and blow dry)


  • Phytoceuticals – antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action
    Blueberries, Echinacea, Dandelions, Artichoke…
  • Essential Oils – calming anti-inflammatory and cellular stimulation
    Chamomile, Patchouli, Sage, Cedar-wood, Ylang Ylang, Mandarin…
  • Super Actives and Oils – combats free-radicals, nourishes and repairs from environmental aggression
    Blueberries, Echinacea, Dandelions, Royal Jelly, Acai, Passionflower 


Lush Touchable Hair On Valentine’s Day

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The Vada Girls love Champagne!  And while most of us love indulging in our favourite champagne, what many of us don’t know is that it’s not just for sipping!  

Your favourite bubbly is also great for your hair – particularly if your hair is blonde.

Valentines Bubbles

So… the Vada Girls have come up with a Valentines beauty benefit and the perfect excuse to pop your bottle earlier in the day to prep for a big night out!

For smooth, silky locks pour one glass of your favourite champagne for you and mix half a cup of the champagne with half a cup of hot water for your hair.  Distribute evenly through your hair and let it marinate while you are preparing yourself for a night of luxury and fun.  Rinse out and style for lush touchable hair!

Tree Hugging Earth Worshippers

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In a society of unnecessary waste and disposable products Vada strive to protect our health and the health of our planet.  Vada’s philosophy is dedicated to seeking out products of natural origins and practices that are ethical and sustainable.


Vada is dedicated to being an environmentally conscious company and where possible have aligned ourselves with companies and brands that share the same ethos and operate from an ethical and sustainable approach.

So here’s a little bit more about what we do and the brands we use!

Did you know we have a specialist company come and collect all of our Colour chemical waste? It is safely disposed of not thrown down the drain… It can go down the drain but we want to be kinder to the planet… and we make sure we do everything we can!!! What you think about that??


Vada also participate in charitable work in the community with a focus on the health and well being of our planet.

  • Vada opened  our doors Monday 25th November 2013 taking bookings for cuts, colours and blow waves and DONATING 100 PERCENT of the income directly to the Philippines Typhoon Disaster. This is usually the salons day off so the Vada team were proud to be contributing to the financial aid of this cause. We raised almost $4000, which went to Oxfam New Zealand to help the recovery effort. Click here to read NZ Herald Article

Kid hair

Leonie Cath - Oxfam

  • The Vada team worked with Forest and Bird Organisation in Pourewa September 2013 to clear out Climbing Asparagus and welcome our native birds back to the city.
    Climbing asparagus particularly affects the forest floor and the understorey up to a height of about four metres, especially in lowland and coastal forests. Once established, it can prevent the growth and regeneration of native species. It can even strangle and kill softbarked shrubs and trees as it wraps itself around their trunks. Yay us!

Gardens for wildlife

Mez and asparagus

As a brand, Schwarzkopf ESSENSITY Colour is committed to developing products with only the purest of organic and biodegradable ingredients. free from Amnonia, Odour, Silicones, Parabens. Raw materials come from renewable resources, unnecessary packaging is avoided and what can’t be avoided is 100% recyclable, making ESSENSITY a healthier choice for the planet as well as our clients.

You will be pleased to know our Boutique Hair and Beauty Retail lines are also good to our planet and our clients.  

  • Working with brands who in partnerships support local communities and deforestation.
  • ‘Sustainable Beauty’ – a commitment to: zero impact carbon emission scheme – Lifegate;
  • reusable and recyclable packaging;
  • renewable energy resources;
  • biodegradable materials;
  • charit principles;
  • Unipro membership – no testing on animals; education in sustainability; and exquisite & luxurious products of fashion & style!

wind in hair

Vada brings beauty with a conscience to the inner city K Rd district  by championing hair care in harmony with nature using the best naturally derived products on the market, Vada will minimise the impact we have on the environment whilst embracing the freestyle fashions of every season and caring for your health and wellbeing at the same time.  

Aren’t you pleased you come to us?!  xx

The more the merrier!

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One of the things we have realised this week is when you have a common first name, it may well be that you meet someone in your life who has the same name.

Cath (Director of Vada) has had a few scenario’s with her PA’s – Katherine, Cath, Cat, and currently Katie… (one had her last name too).  However, what we are pleased about is the fact that she didn’t rule them out… instead, she learnt to deal with the weirdness and inconvenience of namesakes in team meetings and salon floor conversations!

Katie rated in NZ Baby Stat Names:
#78 in 2011
#57 in 2012
#104 in 2013

Where are we going with all this??? Well!!  Without further ado – Please welcome our newest member to the team Katie!!

Katie WalshHaving just moved to Auckland, I am very excited to start my career in New Zealand with Vada!  I have 12 years experience in New York and Denver – Photo-shoots for magazines, runways and Avante Garde Fashion not to mention working the Denver Fashion Week!!

I consider myself as creative and versatile.  Specializing in Bridal and Event Styling I am your “go to gal” for a night out!  Having a keen eye for colour and cut precision – I can work between classic and contemporary styles.  You are my top priority and I WILL make you Gorgeous!!

This is a very exciting time for me – so please come and visit me at the Salon xx

Katie aka “Katie the Stylist”

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