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We live in a time of increasing awareness about global issues.  It is common knowledge now that our actions have an effect on the world around us, often in distant places. We at Vada believe in a holistic approach to well-being  and we try our best to create a healthier and more equal world, and that desire transfers over to the products and services we buy and the business relationships we form.

We are super excited to provide Fair Trade beverages for a fortnight from 3 May to 17 May. Vada will be a platform to highlight the benefits of using fair trade practices in our businesses.  The gorgeous people at  Caffe L’affareKokako, and Scarborough Fair are donating two weeks supply of their Fair Trade luscious beverages to Vada Clients.

Caffe L'Affare kindly donates Fair Trade Coffee to Vada for the Fortnight

Caffe L’Affare kindly donates Fair Trade Coffee to Vada for the Fortnight

Milk logo

Kokako Organic kindly donates Fair Trade Hot Chocolate to Vada

Kokako Organic kindly donates Fair Trade Hot Chocolate to Vada


Scarborough Fair kindly donates Tea Selection to Vada for the fortnight

Scarborough Fair kindly donates Tea Selection to Vada for the fortnight

So many things we enjoy every day – like coffee, bananas, tea and cocoa – come from the developing world.  Typically just a tiny percentage of what we pay actually gets back to the people who grow the goods, leaving them struggling to feed their families, send their children to school, pay for healthcare or meet other basic needs.  In some cases, growers are unable to cover their production costs.

Fair trade helps people take control of their livelihoods and create a better future for themselves through:

  • fair pricing guaranteed to cover sustainable production costs
  • safe and healthy working conditions
  • building partnerships and investing in local community development projects
  • growing methods that respect the environment
  • working with growers to develop their skills and capabilities


Fairtrade Cuppas at Vada all gold coin donations got to Oxfam Morning Tea Appeal.

Fair Trade Cuppas at Vada – all gold coin donations go to Oxfam Morning Tea Appeal.

Why Oxfam?

Promoting Fair Trade in New Zealand is just one of the ways Oxfam empowers producers in the developing world to get a better deal from trade.

With Oxfam’s support coffee and rice growers in East Timor are able to earn higher prices for their crops through access to technical training and new processing equipment.

In Samoa, Oxfam helps local growers gain higher returns through organic certification.

Globally, Oxfam is making trade fair for the worlds poorest people – through research, campaigning and advocacy.  In New Zealand, they lobby the Government to ensure poverty reduction is at the heart of trade agreements with Pacific Island Countries.  They also work with local groups and governments across the Pacific to strengthen their voices in international trade negotiations.

Oxfam believes that everyone has the right to a life free from poverty.  They link local-level action with international campaigns for basic rights to create a secure and more equal world.

We at Vada – think that is pretty cool.  Vada is dedicated to being an environmentally conscious company and where possible have aligned ourselves with companies and brands that share the same ethos and operate from an ethical and sustainable approach.


All Good Bananas - Ethisphere's 'World's Most Ethical Companies' in 2013 and 2014

All Good Bananas – Oxfam Supporter and Ethisphere’s ‘World’s Most Ethical Companies’ in 2013 and 2014



Whittakers provided a couple of yummy Chocolate Slabs for the Vada Staff - Thanks Guys!!!

Whittakers provided a couple of yummy Chocolate Slabs for the Vada Staff  – Thanks Guys!!!






Miss World New Zealand

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We are so proud to be sponsoring Renee Diment who is a finalist for Miss World New Zealand.


Renee's new colour and cut provided by Guy Roberts

Renee’s new colour and cut provided by Guy Roberts

Miss World1

This is the first pageant that Renee, 20, has entered and she says there is more to it than just beauty.  Great hair!  That last comment comes from us… anywayz…Renee is a personal trainer and wants to promote healthy living among New Zealanders.  She also wants to see a little girl receive life-changing surgery as a result of massive fundraising efforts.


Renee and 15 other finalists are aiming to raise $50,000 for five-year-old Filipino girl Loren to have a protruding growth removed from between her eyes.  Not having surgery will result in blindness.  Loren is currently staying at Ronald McDonald House.


Contact Renee on 027 363 3392 to help Loren.  Base Electrical sponsorship covered the cost of the Renee's entry fee, which goes towards the cost of Loren's surgery.

Contact Renee on 027 363 3392 to help Loren. Base Electrical sponsorship covered the cost of Renee’s entry fee, which goes towards the cost of Loren’s surgery.

“Alot of people have asked me why are you helping someone from the Philippines and not NZ.  Well, NZ has a better health system and she wouldn’t have the opportunity to get the surgery over there”.

The cost of the surgery is $150,000 and the remainder will be met by Romac, a children’s charity which provides surgery to children from developing countries.

Renee is competing in Miss World New Zealand April 26 from 5pm at the Rendezvouz Grand Hotel in Auckland.  The top five girls will go to England to represent New Zealand in the Miss World competition.

We look forward to seeing how Renee goes at the competition this Saturday (26 April)  GO RENEE!!

Miss World

The Awe-Inspiring Tali

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We just love Tali!  This woman is always on the go and we are so thrilled to have her as a loyal Vada Friend.  We look after her hair and Vada supports Tali’s Artist Development Company for emerging talent- assisting in her goal to discover, nurture, develop and produce marketable artists in their chosen genre of music.

Internationally the most prolific female MC to emerge from the DnB and Dubstep scene.  Tali is unique in her ability to both free style and sing, write and compose, manage and mentor, teach and advise, and is therefore one of the most credible and dynamic artists currently touring NZ to date.


Photo by Hacker Photography UK
Hair by VADA
Makeup by Smashbox Ponsonby

Originally from a Dairy Farm in Taranaki, Tali (Natalia Sheppard) moved to the UK 11 years ago to follow her dreams of becoming a top international MC.

After signing to the legendary Full Cycle Label owned and run by Roni Size, Tali went onto to release the first ever MC album ‘Lyric on my Lip’ with a UK top 40 single of the same name and worldwide tour and selling over 15,000 albums.

So… what has she been up to lately??  Her most recent new project – a full length album, all produced, written and recorded by Tali herself. “Having long been at the mercy of other producers time schedules, and largely their ideas  – learning how to produce my own music has been hugely rewarding, in that I am completely free to create what I want, when I want”.

The album is due for release later in the year, with distribution from Warner Music.

As well as this, Tali has just finished shooting the video for the first single off this album, ‘Forces’ shot out at Karekare beach in association with Sideways productions and Britten Motion Pictures.

Interview BBC

This is the third music video Tali has shot this year, two weeks ago she spent her entire weekend shooting two other videos for songs on which she has featured.

The first was for the funk/soul/rock band – AhoriBuzz, and their single ‘Providence ‘ in which Tali  guest raps. ‘Providence’ is out now and available for sale on iTunes. The video is to be released in just over a weeks time.

The second video was for Drum n Bass producer Concord Dawn and their collaboration ‘Moonlighting’. Shot against a green screen, this video will be animated, and is due for release at the start of the European summer – our winter.

Recent gigs for Tali include – playing Southern Shakedown in Christchurch, and a trip to London and St Petersburg Russia, where Tali performed to over 8,000 people alongside Drum n Bass legends Nu:Logic and Andy C.

She is also a radio presenter on George FM – her show The Morning Sickness! can-be heard live stream from 8 a.m til 10 Saturday Mornings!


Creative director at Sheppard Artist Development

Vada Kids Club

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Vada Kids Club

We have all the treats and tricks these School Holidays! $30 Kids Cut with lucky dip to take home!


For you: Free wifi, magazines, bottomless coffee, glass of wine and if you want to get your hair done too we are offering $25 Blow Wave, $70 Women’s Cut, $50 Men’s Cut!

Lucky Dip provided by LeeAnn Yare from her gorgeous store   The Kids Cut price is for under 12.


Harris Kids Club

Looking Scuxx Harris! Vada Kids Club


Noa and Mum treat at the Salon!

Noa Kids Cut and Mum Blow Wave treat at the Salon!

Whats inside Noa?

Whats inside Noa?

Noa Gift

Noa gets butterflies!!!


Lilah the Fox

Lilah the Fox

Coco sipping Hot Chocolate while Stylist Cuts Hair

Coco sipping Hot Chocolate while Stylist Cuts Hair

Lilah and Coco get their Lucky Dip

Lilah and Coco get their Lucky Dip


Lilla and Coco get Parachute Guys!  Cool!

Lilla and Coco get Parachute Guys! Cool!

Zoe Kids Club

Check out Zoe’s new hair cut and lucky dip prize to take home!


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Vada provided creative hair and make up direction for 6×4 recent Photo Shoot -soon to be released.   The new 6×4 collection will be on display alongside the work of twelve other designers held in a three-day shop. This collective of designers; unite under the name “Creative Common Occupation” as part of the Shapeshifting conference; an international fashion and textiles conference held by AUT. It will run from Monday the 14th to Wednesday the 16th at Number 4 Cross Street Gallery.  The opening hours are 10am to 5pm each day. Go check it out!   6x4 The story of 6×4 6×4 started off as a project for Elam. It was a hypothetical design label that allowed me to deal with ideas about clothing, body and performance without having to worry about commercial appeal and accessibility. The label has remained much the same, although last year I branched out into furniture, accessories and home-wares. I graduated from my Honours year last year and 6×4 has been a way of continuing my practice outside of the institution.   What is the name and feel of the collection? The collection doesn’t really have a name; I’m hoping it speaks for itself. Although I would probably refer to it as the 2014 collection for Creative Common Occupation (CCO: the collective of designers who are showing in the three-day shop with 6×4). The pieces from the collection are not intended to be stand-alone pieces. They are made to be layered and matched by colour, tone and shape. There are a lot of strong references to traditional East-Asian clothing conventions. All of the clothing is non-gendered, no 6×4 is intended for a specific gender.   What is 6×4 favourite piece from the collection and why? I shouldn’t pick favourites, but probably the ankle-length black linen shirt. It is very empowering to wear.   Who would to be seen wearing 6×4 label? People who are open to and excited by the possibility of new or uncommon ways of thinking about clothing conventions.   What does 6×4 think fashion in NZ needs more of right now? Criticality.   What are 6×4 own personal rules for dressing? Wear what you want, and let other people wear what they want.   Where can we purchase 6×4 collection? Number 4 Cross street, from the 14th of April to the 16th of April. It will run from Monday the 14th to Wednesday the 16th at Number 4 Cross Street Gallery.  The opening hours are 10am to 5pm each day. Go check it out! After that, (hopefully) from an online store.   Any new or upcoming projects you are working on that you’d like to share with us? I would like to start working on commission. I would like to encourage people to invest in things which fit them perfectly, are made specifically for them, and are made locally.   7 8


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