AOK Fashion Weekend – Lela Jacobs and Christopher Duncan

August 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

Lela Jacobs is known for her innovative yet minimalist and monochromatic creations, whose fashion shows are both a visual feast and an uplifting emotional experience.

Last year we were lucky enough to work with Lela on the first AOK Fashion Show at the Viaduct during Fashion Weekend and we are doing it again this year!

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Lela Jacobs is more than a fashion label; it is a constantly evolving channel for design, self-expression, explorative thought processes and artistic collaborations. ‘The Keep’  is Lela Jacobs’ Auckland-based open studio and concept store located on Karangahape Road which allows her to keep her practices within different mediums thriving.

Supporting the local economy is an integral part of the brands values favouring local New Zealand manufacturers, hand knitters and collaborations with crafters and artists.

Lela and ChristopherAnd that’s where Christopher Duncan comes into it this year!  Christopher Duncan is a contemporary weaver. His works salvage the old hand weaving skills, and reacquaints the beholder with our past.  Loom woven wall hangings made with natural undyed fibres reveal a lineage to tribal textile influences. Hardwearing yet soft, delicately loomed pieces to adorn and keep warm- textures of rough spun wool and strong indigo shades reflecting the materiality of denim- the staple of Christopher Duncan’s designs.

Christopher Duncan

Natural fibres are sourced globally; from New Zealand merino and possum blended wools, from India; recycled silks, and finally premium cottons from Italy.

Design is influenced by traditional weaving finishes, rough time tested fabrics and industrial use textiles. Japanese art is an inspiration, as are their kimono techniques, and village style recycle practices.

These are executed in luxurious and high-end fabrics valued for their quality, finish and durability throughout the garment lifecycle. This is evident from the selection of exquisitely soft and opulent natural materials such as silks, cottons, leather and merino.


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