Fringe Dwellers

March 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

Vada Hair Salon proudly showed Fringe Dwellers at Industry this year.

Working with Goldwell the show took the audience back to their Bogan roots with a collection that steals its theme from Heavy Metal and Punk Rock history.

The show was led by director Guy Roberts and creative director Lauren Gunn, also joining the Vada team and 22 models on stage were the uber cool New Zealand band Die! Die! Die!

Inspiration for the show came from the weird and wonderful counter culture that surrounds the salon on Karangahape Road in Auckland, where anything goes and normal is anathema, where Fringe Dwellers find refuge from mainstream monotony, and magic ensues.

Vada played with lightness and darkness, and with a spectrum of color (thank you to Goldwell) in between. Both Punk Rock and Heavy Metal have been known to ignore the boundaries of gender which was also shown in the show.

And finally, to sum up our thoughts; a quote from Rick Owens, master of the Avant Garde…

“Runway looks aren’t meant to be taken literally, they illustrate an ethos. I would like to present a utopian world of grace, free of fear and shame” .

A75Q0791 copy A75Q0604 copy  Photo by Fabricio Veltri Photo by Fabricio Veltri Photo by Fabricio Veltri www.fabricioveltri.comPhoto by Fabricio Veltri


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