the maverick

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maverick 88This week I’m reflecting on some of Vada’s most rewarding experiences … Maverick would have to be a personal best for me as Art Director for this project.

The Maverick –  cheeky rogue character – was  developed into a playful and multi faceted performance .This show  was an absolute joy to bring together all my favourite  people and demonstrate the way our Engine Room Art Team can collaborate with artists in mixed media to layer fashion, music, art, dance, theater and of course hair.

Take a look at the image essay which captures the mischievous Maverick and the Engine Room Art Team at its finest

Cat x


Stencil art colab Otis Frizzell and Cat Frost

maverick 1

Myles Taylor contributor , founder KINGDOMOF & sick kickflipper

maverick 66

maverick 7

Otis live spray-stencil

maverick 4

#boss & #boss #muchclapping

maverick 9

big red

maverick 8

bead work

maverick 6

maverick 5

guy roberts 




natural easter hacks….

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get your easter on with these natural easter hacks...

easter grass : grow some wheat grass in an egg shell, when its grown you can 
even give it a hair cut, boom ! 74dbc87500c3cafb675eab8a7f0b0dd9
Coloured Eggs : a natural take on colouring eggs


onions.... who would have thought ?

onion skins colour eggs a rich chestnut autumn colour, this one
is creative hipster at champion level though folks... ; )

death in the valley

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Not your granny’s dry shampoo. DEATH VALLEY is the quickest way to get volume and body into your hair. 

Good for: Easy, big, messy Bardot (or Bon Jovi) hairdeath valley

5 minutes with Sean Mahoney

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On getting into hair styling :


I started when I was just 16 years old, it has been a true calling vocationally for me. I haven’t looked back a day since.

On what he loves about the job:

So there’s the people and then more  people …..and some fashion in there too.I love to see my clients  leaving Vada looking  great and that resonating into them feeling great about them10422357_374143256112758_5913678351791327243_n.jpgselves- its a real booster.  I also love that no two days are ever the same, being at Vada that’s so relevant as we always have different projects, shows & of course busy days with our clients, its an ever changing landscape for me and I love the diversity that brings.

On his top hair styling products:
R & Co are an iconic new brand that we partner with at Vada. This range is cruelty free, free of nasties,it’s vegetarian and mostly vegan apart from a product with beeswax. It’s also a high performing range that delivers- lovin that!

On his icons:

Definitely  Vivian Westwood- shes quirky, defiant and delivers powerful design.Her garments demonstrate  tailoring at its highest level which shows how important quality is to her.  I’ve always loved Kate Moss and PJ Harvey – two important faces in pop culture  with their own unique sense of style which sets them apart from the masses.
FullSizeRenderOn the big hair trends :
Blunt baselines – nuff said- unless to say, add some loose shaken up layers to the interior shape for movement- lovely stuff.

With colour I’m working with palettes of tobacco, gold and rose golds for autumn  . I like to merge tones,to create seamless lights through the hair.


made yourself at home already we see ; ) ….
sean 2222


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