death in the valley

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Not your granny’s dry shampoo. DEATH VALLEY is the quickest way to get volume and body into your hair. 

Good for: Easy, big, messy Bardot (or Bon Jovi) hairdeath valley


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cloud 1

Give the ultimate hair gift this Christmas with Cloud Nine.
Created by the original founder of GHD irons, Cloud Nine have continued to innovate and have gone on to create the most popular professional hair iron to date, which has the industry buzzing.

Suitable for all hair types, state of the art temperature control, lightweight and cushioned plates will smooth, flick, curl or straighten your hair at lower temperatures than competitor irons. Less damage, more shine.

Endorsed by professional salons and celebrities across the world, Cloud Nine empowers you with the freedom to create professional styling at home. Each Cloud Nine Iron Tool has a 1 year warranty.
$350 RRP

gift ideas under $50…

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gift under 50 1

Choose from our curation of Gift Ideas for under $50 or ask your Vada stylist to help you find the perfect gift. Gift Wrapping available too… Clockwise from top left 1) More Inside this is a Medium Hold Modeling Gel 2) Naturaltech Well-Being De Stress Lotion 3)Original Mineral Seven Day Miracle 4) Original Mineral Frizzy Logic Serum Lumineux 5)Kerasilk Ultra Rich Keratin Care mask 6) Kerasilk Ultra Rich Leave In Treatment 6) Oi Absolute Beautifying Conditioner 7)Oi All in One Milk 8)Evo Happy Campers hard working moisturiser 9) Pollen Arts Beeswax Candles selection

We can create a personalized selection of products and gift package them for you with a Vada gift voucher tailored especially for your requirements. The voucher price can also be left off at your discretion. Ask our Front Desk Manager now : phone Vada 377 6009

gifts under $100 at Vada

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We’ve got a pile of stocking fillers and gifts for everyone, ask Vada to help you choose the perfect gift or choose from some of our curated selections here: clockwise left to right 1)More Inside Curl Moisturizing Mousse and Curl Building Serum,2)O & M Fine Intellect Shampoo, Seven Day Miracle Treatment with Free Classic Cushion Brush 3) Davines Oi Absolute Beautifying Shampoo & Conditioner 4)Evo Love is in the Hair Ritual Salvation Pack 5) O & M Fine Intellect Shampoo, Frizzy Logic Serum Lumineux with free The Detangler Classic Brush

A Vada Voucherl beautifully gift packaged with complimentary product samplers makes the perfect gift.


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gift voucher xmas

Vada will personalize a voucher to your gift requirements and will package your voucher with a selection of gorgeous product samplers and a christmas chocolate.
We can also package together your gift voucher with other retail items tailored to your needs.
Call our Front Desk Manager Eric on ph 3776009 and get your christmas shopping done and dusted!

They’re not the villains in the latest vampire flick—they’re head lice

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They hide from the light. They feed on your blood. No, they’re not the villains in the latest vampire flick—they’re head lice. These tiny creatures, about the size of a sesame seed, don’t cause lasting damage or carry any diseases. Still, most of us would rather skip an itchy, annoying infestation.

Head lice infest younger children in child care or school first because they play closely together. Most common cases are among kids aged 3 to 11. But adults can get head lice, too. If one child in your house is infested, it’s best to check everyone.

Don’t think for a minute Head lice are a sign of poor hygiene.  Head lice spread through direct head-to-head contact. For kids, this often occurs at school, sports activities, camp, or slumber parties. Less commonly, lice travel on hats, scarves, coats, brushes, or combs. The cleanliness of your hair, home, or school has nothing to do with the risk of getting them.

So… what can we do about it?!

Vada are hair professionals and we suggest you get hold of our Knot Knitty treatments!  This product will save you some heartache on the necessary head lice treatments required to avoid secondary infections that result from scratching at bites and infestations at school.

There’s no proof mayonnaise, olive oil, margarine, or butter kills lice. Wash clothing, linens, combs, and brushes with hot water. Vacuum floors and furniture. But don’t spend too much time or money; lice can’t live long if they’re not on a human host.




Is a fast, safe and effective treatment against head lice and nits (eggs).  Its unique formula breaks the keratin-like glue of the nit shell from the hair shaft, killing the nit and head lice quickly and gently after 10 minutes on dry hair.  A specially designed nozzle and clear gel formula, permit easy saturation of the hair, rinsing away easily, leaving no chemical residue or odour.  Built-in water activated conditioners rebalance the pH of the hair, making it safe to re-treat after 7-10 days of initial treatment.


Allows easy screening of headlice and nits (eggs).  Formulated with lemon and spearmint essential oils – it assists with egg removal from the hair shaft.  Containing silk proteins, knot knitty is perfect for a daily leave-in detangler for children.  Knot knitty spray is also beneficial for the hair daily protection, conditioning and prevention of split ends and breakage. pH4



How to Knick off nits

  • Examine children’s heads at regular weekly intervals – using a nit comb or knot knitty spray
  • Early diagnosis makes treatment easier and reduces infection to others
  • Keep long hair tidy and tied back
  • Prompt treatment with knot knitty gel is recommended only if and when live louse are found
  • Be persistent and thorough with checking and retreat with knot knitty gel after 7-10 days
  • be sure to check all family members for possible head lice infestation
  • Be sure to notify friends and school teachers
  • Disinfect personal items (in use) combs, brushes, linen, hats, etc. in hot water above 60 degrees or hang outside for 3 days


Knitty – Itchy Facts

  • Females lay 50-150 eggs in their 4 week life span
  • Head lice infect girls 2 – 4 times more than boys
  • Head lice feed every 3 – 6 hours sucking blood from the scalp
  • Head lice are fast and agile in their native environment – human hair
  • Head lice can survive away from the scalp between 15-20 hours usually to lay their eggs
  • Head lice can survive in cold water and hot water under 60 degrees Celsius
  • Head live love clean, dirty, thick, thin, long or short hair
  • Head lice are incapable of jumping or flying or even walking efficiently on flat surfaces
  • Head lice are becoming more and more resistant to popular treatment
  • Head lice do not transmit diseases
  • Itchiness occurs 3-4 weeks after infestation
  • Egg shells can stay attached to the hair until removed by abrasion or until it disintegrates which may take months or years
  • The glue used by the female louse to lay her eggs on the hair shaft is made of proteins similar to hair keratin

EVO Fabuloso Pro

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Vada hair are big lovers of EVO products.  This range steps outside the normal realm of truth-stretching invention in a “wake up and smell the coffee” crusade of twisted honesty.  The products are innovative, simple, luxurious and effective to use.

We also like that inside bottles of evo you’ll find luxurious products that are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free; products that give professional results while respecting the environment. you won’t find unnecessary, over-marketed ingredients; no imaginary technology, no myths, no gimmicks. all ingredients in evo® formulations are active; nothing is added only to make claims on the label.

Vada is the go to Salon for EVO – masterfully trained and experts in their field – our team provide industry and product knowledge. Vada assisted in the launch of EVO Pro to hairdressers and the media as per photo’s of our Colour Technician Experts EVO Eve , Aneta and Stella.

Evo Pro

EVO Pro is the new in-salon ‘colour refresh to create unlimited semi colours – refresh, fill, tone/pastelise, accent and enhance colour.  We also customise unlimited retail colour conditioners – perfectly match and maintain colour between visits to Vada.


Majestic Sky Blue


Sugar Mountain pastel pink

EVO Pro Blonde Collection


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