doing it for the kids…vadas kids club

April 20, 2016 § 1 Comment

vada kids club …. every school holidays

book in your little humans for the kids club and they will receive  a package which includes:

  • a Vada cut and style
  • a delicious treat from our selection in the nice block fridge -including @niceblocks, @littleisland coconut icecream and little island coconut milks @tommy&james – dairy free, vegan and made of natural goodness
  • an amazing goodie bag from LeeAnn Yare & Collected
  • samples of @pineappleheads kids shampoo & conditioner
  • in the draw to win the @pineappleheads story book ‘Jimmy the shampoo and the nasty Grey Goo “

Grab a friend and their kids and book in together, we will take care of their hair while you relax with a coffee or a wine . We have samples of the latest natural hair care ranges  for mums and dads too!



Denim Days

April 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

denim hair , welcome to the scene…

just like your favourite pair of jeans, denim hair can comfortably attend most occasions subtly oozing styledenim


dark smokey navy, rich indigo or subtle stonewash ,  denim offers versatility of multidimensional tones .FullSizeRenderdenim ombre

literally dye – ing …

x cat

natural easter hacks….

March 16, 2016 § Leave a comment

get your easter on with these natural easter hacks...

easter grass : grow some wheat grass in an egg shell, when its grown you can 
even give it a hair cut, boom ! 74dbc87500c3cafb675eab8a7f0b0dd9
Coloured Eggs : a natural take on colouring eggs


onions.... who would have thought ?

onion skins colour eggs a rich chestnut autumn colour, this one
is creative hipster at champion level though folks... ; )

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