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fringe dwellers

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“Fringe Dwellers”
Vada Engine Room Team 
Industry 2015
photographs:  Fabricio Veltri
Photo by Fabricio Veltri
Photo by Fabricio Veltri

Photo by Fabricio Veltri


hanz de fuko – at the blue stone room

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Last night  Director Guy Roberts put Hanz de fuko through its paces  – launching the brand to the NZ  media and Stylists . Hanz de fuko – already a solid on Vada’s  list of  ‘boys gloop in a jar’, These little pots have grown a cult following on social media.

Hanz de fuko is a quirky stylish  grooming range,  developed by three childhood friends and champions of chemical free products.  Its uses plant extracts, delivers weightless hold without residue and clump free.

 Amongst its fanbase are David Beckham, Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender

The brand bombed our youtube highways with savvy tutorials, using brand ambassadors with serious hair kudos to instruct us in the ways of the pompadour and the modern quiff.hanz_de_fuko_hybridized_wax

The bestselling ‘Quicksand’ matte wax is made using diatomaceous earth, a soft granular rock which absorbs excess oil on the hair and scalp. ‘Claymation’ is another to become your go to gloop – a clay-wax hybrid mixed with a touch of quicksand to provide a strong, pliable grip.

FullSizeRender (8)

Vada on stage for Hanz de fuko

hanz de fuko 22


The home care range of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel  are  rich in mint, apple and eucalyptus.

available at Vada now ….


doing it for the kids…vadas kids club

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vada kids club …. every school holidays

book in your little humans for the kids club and they will receive  a package which includes:

  • a Vada cut and style
  • a delicious treat from our selection in the nice block fridge -including @niceblocks, @littleisland coconut icecream and little island coconut milks @tommy&james – dairy free, vegan and made of natural goodness
  • an amazing goodie bag from LeeAnn Yare & Collected
  • samples of @pineappleheads kids shampoo & conditioner
  • in the draw to win the @pineappleheads story book ‘Jimmy the shampoo and the nasty Grey Goo “

Grab a friend and their kids and book in together, we will take care of their hair while you relax with a coffee or a wine . We have samples of the latest natural hair care ranges  for mums and dads too!


Denim Days

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denim hair , welcome to the scene…

just like your favourite pair of jeans, denim hair can comfortably attend most occasions subtly oozing styledenim


dark smokey navy, rich indigo or subtle stonewash ,  denim offers versatility of multidimensional tones .FullSizeRenderdenim ombre

literally dye – ing …

x cat

the maverick

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maverick 88This week I’m reflecting on some of Vada’s most rewarding experiences … Maverick would have to be a personal best for me as Art Director for this project.

The Maverick –  cheeky rogue character – was  developed into a playful and multi faceted performance .This show  was an absolute joy to bring together all my favourite  people and demonstrate the way our Engine Room Art Team can collaborate with artists in mixed media to layer fashion, music, art, dance, theater and of course hair.

Take a look at the image essay which captures the mischievous Maverick and the Engine Room Art Team at its finest

Cat x


Stencil art colab Otis Frizzell and Cat Frost

maverick 1

Myles Taylor contributor , founder KINGDOMOF & sick kickflipper

maverick 66

maverick 7

Otis live spray-stencil

maverick 4

#boss & #boss #muchclapping

maverick 9

big red

maverick 8

bead work

maverick 6

maverick 5

guy roberts 



natural easter hacks….

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get your easter on with these natural easter hacks...

easter grass : grow some wheat grass in an egg shell, when its grown you can 
even give it a hair cut, boom ! 74dbc87500c3cafb675eab8a7f0b0dd9
Coloured Eggs : a natural take on colouring eggs


onions.... who would have thought ?

onion skins colour eggs a rich chestnut autumn colour, this one
is creative hipster at champion level though folks... ; )

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